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Useful Facts about Rosin Press Extraction.

Rosin is the concentrate and oil that can be obtained when cannabis is subjected to high temperature and pressure. In rosin press extraction, the heat is intended to liquefy the oil, the pressure is to keep the oil mobile while the filter is to separate the oil from the plant matter.This process of extracting rosin will turn the trichomes and cannabinoids into a liquid extrudes it out of the cannabis that is under the mentioned pressure and temperature. The resin press extraction is the simplest method of obtaining oil from a cannabis material. Compouds such as cannabinoids and terpenes are contained in the oil, shatter and butter that are produced by the trichome heads when they rupture under pressure and heat.

Due to the uniqueness of rosin extraction, it more often involves a series of wide experimentation with the key components before the desired final product is created. You have to actively explore a number of ways of extracting rosin in order to gain sufficient control of the entire process and develop consistency in the process of cannabis extraction.The quality and makeup of the final product is a factor of the influence each of the elements has exerted in the process and this is why thorough experimentation is required when extracting oil using the rosin press.When more primitive devices are used for extraction, there is less control over the influence of the elements.
Rosin press extraction depends on pressure and temperature to extract oil without using solvents. Basically the moisture content inside the flowers help to decrease viscosity so that the oils can easily flow.
There is continuous improvement of the rosin press extraction through experimentation even though it was recently innovated.

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If you want higher yields of the oil extract, you should maintain the humidity of the flowers at roughly 60% to prevent the oil from soaking and being absorbed into the plant material. Temperature is an essential component of rosin extraction which ensures the consistency of the process and should, therefore, be kept at the optimum level. The the temperature to be used for rosin press extraction should be around 150 F at the minimum and 230 F at the maximum beyond which important compounds in the cannabis material can be damaged.

Pressure is the most basic factors in rosin press extraction, however, increasing pressure beyond the recommended levels does little to increase the oil yield. A pressure of about 550 PSI to 1000 PSI is needed for optimum oil yields from the extraction method.

Time taken for the extraction to be completed and the quality of the plant material also affects the quality of the extracted rosin. The use of the balanced optimum conditions, quality cannabis and relatively shorter time ensure a quality end product.

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