Monument for a Road Warrior

My uncle loved to ride on his motorcycle. Every morning at the crack of dawn, he would put on his helmet and start the his old motorcycle. He never got into an accident while riding it, mo matter how fast he went. When he passed away, he left his motorcycle to me, along with special instructions.He requested that I get something to show his love for motorcycles. I heard about custom monuments in Morris County NJ, and thought of having a monument made that would show him with his motorcycle.

The business that I went to for the custom monument made something truly unique for me. They were able to sculpt a man riding on top of a motorcycle, and its faced looked exactly like my uncle’s face. They used a photo of him and his motorcycle to do it, and it looked amazing. There was a great amount of detail that went into the making of the monument, down the to treads on the tires and the folds in my uncle’s riding jacket. If it weren’t made of stone, you would actually think that it was a real person riding a motorcycle.

The monument is really an eye catching piece of art. People can’t help but comment on it whenever they see it. It certainly brings a bit of freshness to the way people are remembered. When it’s my time to leave this Earth, I think I’ll have someone get a monument made for me. I’m not really sure what would make a good monument to represent me. I have a lot of hobbies, but I don’t know if I want people to remember me based on any of them. If someone walked past my monument and saw a robot made of stone, they would probably be confused about it.

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